FFP1 Mask

What Is The FFP1 Mask

FFP1 mask is that meet European (CE EN1409: 2001+A1:2009 ) standards. Based on the tested particle transmission rate, there are three levels: P1 (FFP1), P2 (FFP2), P3 (FFP3). FFP1 Minimum filtering effect ≥80%,FFP2 Minimum filtering effect ≥94%,FFP3 Minimum filtering effect ≥97%. So FFP1 masks is the lowest level face mask.


FFP1 masks are mostly suitable for the protection of particulate matter generated in construction, mining, foundry, electronics, pharmaceutical, physical processing, and grinding operations.


The FFP1 category of masks, both European and American standards, are specified for testing with the American TSI-8130 Automated Filter Testers. The American standard uses the NaCl method for class N, the DOP method for class R, and the DOP method for European standards.

the instrument automatically prints the flow rate, resistance, and transmittance.


We can compare the China standard, Europe standard mask and USA standard here:


Standard Class Filter Efficiency
USA Standard (NIOSH 95 42CFR84) N95 ≥95%
European Standard (EN149:2001) FFP1 ≥80%
FFP2 ≥94%
FFP3 ≥99%
China Standard (GB 2626-2006) KN90 ≥90%
KN95 ≥95%
KN100 ≥99%


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