Face Mask For Kids PSL-225P

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Project Description

Face Mask For Kids PSL-225P

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Based on the breathing characteristics and face shape of children, At Plus Safety we designed Face Mask For Kids as per following standard:

1.Type / Material

Generally, children’s anti-fog masks have a certain protective effect. Cotton and sponge masks have poor barrier properties and are not recommended for children. Although N95 virus protection is the best, it has the worst air permeability and is not suitable for children.

Generally, we choose materials that are water-repellent and filter viruses and bacteria. The air permeability is moderate and most children can accept the material.

  1. Face Mask For Kids by age

Aiming at the characteristics of children with weak cardiopulmonary function, under the premise of ensuring filtration efficiency, children’s ventilation resistance is adjusted down according to adult standards to improve breathing comfort; general children’s mask size specifications should be divided into children according to the application object type (3 to 6 Years old), middle children (7-12 years old) and older children (13-14 years old)

Note on wearing:

1) Before wearing, children need to read and understand the instructions carefully with the help of parents in order to master the correct use of respiratory protective equipment;

2) Parents should always pay attention to the wearing of children’s masks. If children feel discomfort during wearing masks, they should adjust or stop using them in time;

3) Because children’s faces are small, they cannot fully fit with the edges of adult masks. It is not recommended that children wear adult masks with compliance requirements.